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Monsters are attacking your city! Fight against the monsters by commanding your people and building buildings to protect and attack the monster!

This is a boss rush real-time action strategy game made for TOJam13, with the help of Martin Bernie (@itsPusher) doing audio, and Hes Bell (@Hes_Bell) doing the art that actually looks good. 

There's a tutorial in the game that explains the rules and controls of the game.

You'll also need a controller to play this game. I've only tested it with a XBox 360 controller, but maybe it'll work with other controllers?

Please note that this game currently only supports one resolution of 1280x720. You shouldn't have to worry about it since it'll start like that automatically, but if you try to muck around with the resolution unfortunately the game won't look very nice.

Install instructions

Unzip the file and double click on the executable.


RevengeOfTheMonstersWindows.zip 15 MB


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Hello! Thanks for uploading your game for us to play. I make videos of games I like on Itch and have included yours this week, i hope you don't mind!

Hi, thanks so much for playing! Of course I don't mind at all. Really sorry about the game not being very intuitive.